About Good Water Aquatics

     Good Water Aquatics, LLC is founded and directed by Andrew Wolf of Kenosha, WI.  Andrew is an importer, farmer and retailer of tropical fish, coral and invertebrates from farms and suppliers all over the world.  He has dedicated over 25 years of his life learning and developing signature methods and techniques to keeping a wide range of aquatic organisms happy and healthy in an aquarium.  These methods and techniques are structured around Mr. Wolf’s countless hours of field experience and research, and working as a marine fish/invertebrate retailer at The Reef, Indianapolis during his college years.  It is the Good Water Aquatics vision to share our passion and experience with clients of all ages, and give them an aquarium experience they will never forget without the hassle of any maintenance or worries!  Good Water Aquatics specializes in Marine Reef aquariums, but  are experienced with all aquarium types.  We pride ourselves on our maintenance methods, as well as stocking our client aquariums with a wide range of healthy and unique specimens not commonly seen in aquarium trade.

Call or email us for a free estimate on any size aquarium. Whether it be a newly set-up creation or an existing tank, we will take care of everything for you!






7603 Sheridan Road

Kenosha, WI 53143

Store Hours

Thursday 4-9pm

Friday 4-9 pm

Saturday Noon-6pm

*All other hours are by appointment only


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