Aquarium Maintenance Plans


Commercial Aquarium Maintenance Plan

  • Gives businesses, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, restaurants, bars, etc. a beautiful showcase aquarium without the hassle of any maintenance
  • Having an aquarium serviced by Good Water Aquatics, LLC allows us to work with our commercial clients side by side, giving them the freedom to design a beautiful piece of “living art” for their office, shop, restaurant or waiting room
  • Specialized quotes for leasing aquariums are available as well
  • Weekly package rate = $50 per hour, Bi-weekly = $55, Tri-weekly = $60 and Monthly = $65

Residential Aquarium Maintenance Plan

  • Gives any client the freedom and ability to have the aquarium of their dreams with a professional influence to fall back on
  • Our services allow our clients to experience aquarium keeping at a heightened level
  • Gives clients a unique opportunity to collect and display valuable art, as well as to grow and create their very own coral reef
  • Working with Good Water Aquatics, LLC, allows our residential clients to bring the ocean directly into their home to amaze and educate
  • Perfect for any living space, game room, basement, “man cave”, etc.
  • Weekly package rate = $50 per hour, Bi-weekly = $55, Tri-weekly = $60 and Monthly = $65


  • GWA maintenance plans allow our clients to enjoy their aquariums without the hassle of keeping up with necessary water changes and balancing proper water chemistry for all aquarium inhabitants to thrive
  • Clients also receive algae scraping/decor detailing, detritus/waste removal, *filter equipment checkups, *lighting checkups, fish and invertebrate *health assessment, as well as a 15-20% water change on a routine basis
  • Along with our maintenance plan, clients will benefit from our food packages that will specifically target our client’s livestock and can be included in your quote for as little as $10 a month.
  • GWA will *install, *set-up or *relocate any of our client aquariums.
  • Our maintenance plan clients will always have priority when new live stock shipments arrive and will get discounted rates on all live stock purchases.
  • For our first time clients, we offer a 50% trial discount on their first cleaning!

Product/Service Information

  • We always use “Good Water” (Reverse Osmosis purified)
  • Hourly service  rate = $65  (Cost of water included in our maintenance packages only)
  • Pre-mixed salt water sold per gallon = $1.00 (regular), $1.25 (reef mix)
  • pH buffered (8.0-8.4)  freshwater per gallon = $.75
  • neutral (7.0) pH freshwater = $.50
  • Wide selection of exotic fish, corals/invertebrates, plants, dry rock and live rock
  • Healthy livestock (Properly handled, acclimated, fed and quarantined)
  • Our products can be picked up from our shop or personally *delivered to your home or workplace
  • Fuel cost will apply to all service and deliveries
  • We accept  cash, check and credit.



*Extra cost may apply

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